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 Join Us This Summer!

Summer is a fun and exciting time of the year!

Here at Evolving Minds, we maximize this time by implementing our intensive summer program.  We work with each child on a one-to-one ratio to provide the highest quality of services. Each child is assessed differently, and assistance and intervention(s) are tailored individually. 

 During this time we work on:

  • self-help skills

  • preparation for the upcoming school year

  • following directions

  • decreasing maladaptive behaviors

  • increasing functional communication

  • social skills

  • and much more


We are committed to promoting positive behavior in many areas of the child’s life. With doing so there are many activities that we incorporate so that our kids have the summer experiences as their same age typical peers.

Some activities include:

  • science experiments

  • fun with food

  • art & sensory

  • technology center

  • pretend play

  • group activities

  • and many more.

What are you waiting for! Sign up below & Join us today!

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