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With love, passion, dedication, and the right treatment every child can build a brighter future. 

At Evolving Minds Together we provide Applied Behavioral Analysis services to children and adolescents. We use evidence-based and empirically supported intervention to reach your child's highest potential. Our focus is to create an alliance and meet your family's needs by working together as a team.

AdobeStock_123179984, asd children, autistic kids
stem skills for autistic children

The idea of STEM integrated with ABA is to prepare our children for jobs, problem-solving, finding and applying evidence, work together with other students, and critical thinking skills.

Painted Living Room, independent living skills for autistic children

Independent Living Skills are basic skills an individual needs to do daily to live an independent life.

This area focuses on activities that stimulate the children’s sensory skills; such as smell, touch, vision, hearing, balance proprioception, and taste.

sensory art activities for ASD kids

Fun with foods gives the child a sense of control and aids in developing curiosity about food and more willingness to approach food items independently.

Summer Food Pattern, feeding therapy for children with ASD

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